ICD-10 Physician Training

The increased specificity of ICD-10 requires better documentation—which means physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants will need documentation training to ensure they are providing the information your coders need for ICD-10 coding.

However, physicians do not need to become coders to achieve this. You need physician training designed specifically for these very busy professionals that lets them study on their own schedules and quickly provides them just the information they will need.

Career Step's ICD-10 Physician Training program does just that by delivering online, specialty-specific training that can be accessed by desktop, laptop, or mobile devices on the schedule that works for each provider. Training is available for 24 different specialties and can be completed in 1 hour or less per specialty.

Training Description

This course trains physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants on the basics of ICD-10 plus one or more of 24 specialties.

The educational program will present key features and benefits of ICD-10-CM related to the documentation of medical information and an overview of the changes in provider documentation that ICD-10 will require to facilitate accurate and efficient code assignment.

The objectives of this program are to:

  • Present the reasons for the change to ICD-10 and the impact for physicians
  • Provide examples to demonstrate the documentation required for proper coding, reimbursement, quality reporting, and physician profiling

No matter the specialty chosen, the training includes the ICD-10: Understanding its Purpose and Value introductory module as well as one or more specialty modules with brief quizzes. The specialty-specific training may include a diagnosis module, an inpatient procedure module, or both. The following is an example of a course for the Cardiology specialty:

  1. CME Introduction (including a disclosure statement required by the AMA)
  2. ICD-10: Understanding its Purpose and Value
  3. Cardiology Diagnoses
  4. Cardiology Diagnoses Assessment
  5. Cardiology Inpatient Procedures
  6. Cardiology Inpatient Procedures Assessment
  7. CME evaluation form and printable certificate

Each specialty bundle takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Available Specialties

Career Step training is available by specialty and is further divided by the documentation required for diagnoses versus procedure coding. Available training includes:

Specialty ICD-10-CM Diagnoses ICD-10-PCS Inpatient Procedures
Behavior / Mental Health  
Emergency Medicine
Family Practice  
General Surgery  
Hospitalists / Internal Medicine
Infectious Diseases  
Pulmonary Medicine  
Thoracic Surgery  
Vascular Surgery

CME Information

Career Step's Physician Training can be taken without or without the CME, which is available through the University of Utah, School of Medicine. One AMA category 1 CME credit is offered per specialty, regardless of whether the specialty has just a diagnosis or inpatient module or both. If providers complete more than one specialty course, they can receive a CME for each specialty completed. The provider can print a CME certificate after successful completion of the course. In addition, Career Step generates a CME audit file once per quarter that is sent to the client and the University of Utah for recording purposes.

To receive CME credit, each training bundle must include a 4-question true/false quiz following each instructional module. The learner must have a combined score of 70% on all quizzes.

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