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Minimizing Business Risk, Maximizing Coding Team Performance
A bad hire can cost you 5x their salary to replace, and because your bottom line depends on the skills of your employees, you need to be confident in your coders’ skills. Learn how to make smarter hiring decisions and identify knowledge gaps within your existing coding team to improve coding accuracy and reduce denials.Watch Now

Understanding the Link Between the Case Mix Index and DRGs – Part 2
Do you know how DRG shifts can affect your case mix index (CMI)? You should because your correct reimbursement depends on it. DRG shifts due to ICD-10 pose a risk to your bottom line, so join Career Step’s Laurie McBrierty (VP of Product Management) and Peak Health Solution’s Mary Bessinger (VP of HIM) for educational tools and techniques for staying ahead of the curve. Watch Now

Understanding the Link Between the Case Mix Index and DRGs – Part I
Can you explain the link between the case mix index (CMI) and DRGs? This 1-hour webinar explains how Career Step’s educational approach can help ensure you’re coding team understands just how critical the link between DRG, CMI, and accurate reimbursement truly is. Watch Now

Revisiting PCS and CPT Coding
Is coding in both PCS and CPT the right choice for your organization? Using both coding systems may seem to double your coders’ workload, but it may also capture information executives need to make more informed decisions. Listen to Peak Health Solutions, VP of HIM, discuss the reasons for using both code sets, how it impacts staff and coding time, and what benefits it can bring. Watch Now

Empower Your Team to Secure Correct Reimbursement
Monitoring the positive and negative DRG shifts will be critical in 2016. Do you have the tools you need? Educating your coding team to understand how to identify the DRG shifts will be crucial to securing the correct reimbursement; see how Career Step’s educational approach can strengthen your coder team’s skills. Watch Now

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